4 comments on “OS X Time Machine and FreeNAS

  1. I have a few questions before I start wit the one-mac solution.

    I’ve got FreeNAS installed on a 1.5TB Harddisk. The Disk is mainly used as a central place for home video, foto, iTunes musicserver, data storage etc. We use serveral computers, all windows machines, I’m the only one using a mac (MacBook Pro Snow leopard)

    Will creating a Time Machine image using the steps provided affect the current use of my FreeNAS disk?

  2. You should be fine. The sparsebundle is like a disk image. Just be mindful that the sparse bundle grows as your backup data grows so potentially you could run out of disk space. However, if you only backup what you need you should be fine.

  3. I have another question.
    Will it work if you don’t build a sparsebundle, but do enable Time machine to use your FreeNAS disk?
    I’m not sure if I acutally did build a sparsebundle. I just got a message that I can only create one sparsebundle on a disk. I didn’t move a sparse bundle either.
    I did set up Time machine and it did find my FreeNAS disk.

    It’s hasn’t started backing up, I’d like to check first.

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