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  1. Interesting article. I have a LN40B750 that I have been using Zyxel’s NSA-200 NAS as a DLNA server. All of your observations are true with this server. If the H.264 issues could be addressed by Samsung, we would have nirvana. ce

  2. Sir,
    You seem to know what you are talking about (unlike many others). Ihave a Samsung LED TV UE46B7070.
    Using Samsung’s own PC Share Manager sort of works, but not very well. I’ve tried to use a number of other DLNA servers, including Twonky, Tversity and Fuppes. They all behave exactly the same way: “Fileformat Not Supported”
    FInding files works OK, but the above error message is a constant result independant of wether it is a JPG, MP3 or AVI, or MP4 file.
    I have not been able to determine the cause of this. Can you help?

  3. Oyvind
    Unfortunately it has to do with the container format of the video file. The easiest way to resolve this problem is to encode in divx format. I am to guess that this is the file format the the DNLA client was written to support. Judging from the documentation for Wiselink, it seem to me that samsung really has no intention of following through any more that it has done. They probably were headed in many different directions with the DNLA implementation; that is why there are different pieces of documentation that samsung has out there.

  4. Hello Tom,

    very interesting article. I’ve tried so many DLNA servers. All have the same behavior. With the help of your article i think i should go the other way – encode the video in a way that my samsung UE40B8090 can understand. I’m interested in the QuickTime h.264 settings in your article, but the links to the pictures are no more available. Can you help me?

  5. Hello,

    Great article! I work for a company called Conceiva and we’re the authors of another DLNA server that works well with Samsung – Mezzmo. Give it a try if you’re having issues with other servers or just want another alternative and let me if you have any troubles.

    Thanks for consideration.

  6. I just bought a 55″ LED from Samsung and am having serious issues getting it to work with my NAS. I get the audio format error with AVI files! AVI FILES!!! WTF!

  7. Bryan
    It depends on the audio encoding of your file. Just because it has an avi extension does not mean it will work. The easiest way to get this to work is to use Divx encoding.

  8. wow, what an article!
    i had a chance to test Samsung UE55B7000 – didn’t display JPG files from Canon EOS 1000D photo camera connected via USB. Didn’t display certain files from WD passport, but played 1080p video nicely.

    i’m looking to buy a TV and dnla was a major feature, but now it seems that it’s not so great afterall.. i’m instead headed into WD HD TV LIVE media player direction, which plays most of the video files and has a easier to use menu.

  9. Great write up!
    I have this same TV and found the DLNA support VERY disappointing.
    So I use my XBox360 instead.

    The best media server I’ve found for my both my SamsungTV and XBox360 is ps3mediaserver (PMS for short). It’s coded in Java and completely cross platform (runs on Linux, Mac, or Windows). It’s very easy to configure from the GUI or even from the PMS.conf file (search the forums for info). The default settings work for me.

    I’ve run it on ArchLinux (from the CLI) and Ubuntu (with GUI). It transcodes unsupported formats on the fly depending on the client profile. If you get the new v1.20.xxx-BETA it comes with a client profile for Samsung (which worked great on Ubuntu, but not on Arch; something missing on my server I guess). It automatically detects the client type and loads the profile for it.

    The only thing I don’t like about it is how it handles music on the 360. But I suspect this has more to do with the 360 than PMS. I would imagine PMS would be even better when used in conjunction with an actual PS3.

    Its all FREE. I suggest you give it a whirl.


  10. Hello everyone.

    First wanted to thank you for this wonderful article and especially for sharing. Ahh, and congratulations for sufficient time for all tests you have taken and also to prepare for the post.

    I’m going to change the tv in my bedroom and drawing in Spain, the company Mediamark back your money if Spain win all football game of the next wold cup, I thought making the purchase and instead to wait after the summer. Disadvantage: they can lower prices and the time can help me to have the clearest ideas and not wrong. Advantage … being told to customers who bought their TV with a similar offer for the European Cup (Spain was the champion!).

    To the point, I’m rolling: DLNA or a player (without hard drive) that can play all (or 99%) formats.

    After reading your article I think the best is to save money and NOT buy DLNA and instead buy the WD LIVE TV. I have both system, the traditional way we connect (ip, dns …) and DLNA client and server with which we can use either of two ways. Simply select a good server software for our PC.

    I have only until tomorrow before the end of the supply of Mediamark.
    The maximum size I can use in my bedroom is 32 ‘. Now I just choose the manufacturer and I think it will be Samsung TV since it is my classroom and I am very happy with it.

    Thanks again and hope that my opinion you can help someone.

  11. I am getting an error message “no external storage device found” when I select media player on my TV. I am trying to access my files wirelessly using a router in the room with my pc, and a wireless bridge that is connected to my Samsung TV. I am using PC Share Manager. Can anyone help me to resolve this? Thanks in advance.

  12. I’m trying to get fuppes on freenas to talk with my new Samsung TV but couldn’t find any answer (besides change the mkv mime-type. On your article you said that works fine, could you give more details?


  13. Hello Brenda,

    In PC Share Manager you must accept your TV under the Set device policy(beleid apparaat instellen)-option in the share(delen)-menu. After that it will work fine.

  14. Great article. I’m interested in your fuppes experience for streaming video. I’ve got fuppes on a Freenas server that I’d like to use with a Samsung Blu-Ray player that is DLNA compatible, Right now, fuppes crashes when I try to connect with it. The Samsung PC software works well – not too picky when it comes to video formats, but I’d prefer to use the freenas server.

  15. After purchasing a new Samsung Series 8 TV mainly because it had DLNA I then spent around a month trying many different DLNA servers on my Mac mini. Pretty much all of them including Eye Connect, PS3 Media Server, Twonky etc all suffered the same issues, TV could see the Mac however movies were either reporting unsupported format or the movie would play but only for a few minutes. Needless to say this was extremely frustrating.

    Solution: Use Vuze. It has a DLNA plugin. The interface is a little clunky but it is free and it works. Occasionally I hit a problem playing a movie but this is generally due to the audio codec embedded in the mkv container not being supported by the TV. I now stream 8-9GB HD (1080) movies via a cabled network to the TV without issue. Currently using Vuze

    Hope this helps

  16. Fuppes also doesn’t work on my ‘Samsung TV, it Crashes when I try to connect :(

    ushare and minidlna work, but doesn’t support mkv (unknown filetype)

    any idea what to do ?


  17. Just wanted to say a big thanks – this is precisely the information I’ve been looking for for several hours, and you’re the only one that doesn’t just parrot the official “supports MP4″ line. Given my large collection of handbrake-encoded MP4s, I’ll be revisiting my previous decision to pick up a Samsung TV.

    It’s a shame manufacturer support for any type of video that doesnt’ come over HDMI or an aerial continues to be a joke, even in 2010….

  18. One thing that has not been mentioned yet is that Fast Forward and Rewind do not seem to work with most (all) of the DNLA servers out there. You may notice that FF and RW do work if you play your files directly from a USB stick. Over at the SamyGo website there is a method to stream to your TV from your computer with those functions intact. You do not need to go as far as hacking your firmware (which is alot of what that site is about and you can do it that way if you wish) but can run an extension which creates a Samba Server and allows the TV to see your PC (as long as you leave a USB stick plugged in to it).

    Start your reading with the post from DD4Ever found here… http://forums.tversity.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10992&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=120

    Instructions can be found here…

    Note: Use SamyGO-All-Extensions-v0.03.0 or 3.1 I first tried 3.5 and could not get that one going.

  19. Hi,
    I have tested the product “wild media server” in the last week
    It seems to work very well and every media file I throwed at it which plays formerly from an usb disk was streamed as well immediately.
    it even streams mkv and ISO files!

    The only point is the price. Base price is 40$ for only one streaming client. If you want more streaming clients, additional costs apply :(

  20. Hi, I have tested serviio again. But just after reinstalling it. I was aware why I don’t used it…

    It consumes a lot of CPU power during indexing my music/film library. And it feels like forever until it completes.

    I must say that I have a huge music library >50,000 songs and about 1TB of movies.

    I tried it with a small subset of the movies. The folder structure is very crude and at first try he didn’t find any of the movies the wildmediaserver finds and plays at first try.

    One addition the wildmediaserver is able to transcode only the audio part for HD movies in a MKV container with DTS sound.

  21. Hi all,
    just for the records, I’ve been able to make the Fast-Forward, Rewind and Pause work on my new Samsung serie 6. Everything looks OK now, it streams everything I have.

    I’ve used the Twonky 5 MediaServer on a GigaNas, and modified the clients.db file after having followed this hint:


    In practice, I’ve added one more client description in the file, by adding the following entries to the file. Of course the ID number must be chosen in order not to duplicate an already existing entry.
    In my GigaNAS the full path of the file to fix is:

    And here’s the entry that I added:
    NA:Generic DLNA 1.5 Fab
    MT:avi,divx video/x-divx
    MT:mp4 video/MP4V-ES
    MT:mkv video/MP4V-ES
    MT:mpeg,mpeg2,vdr,spts,tp,ts,avi,divx video/mpeg


  22. Fantastic explanation fella!! Well done.

    Do you know how to stream from directv dvr to the samsung tv? Wild media or serviio seem to do it but can’t make it work. Can’t add the dvr to the folder share lists.


  23. The direvtv dvr has its own server which unfortuanately is not presenting the video in the correct format or container for the samsung tv.

  24. hi ,
    i hav samsung series 5 led tv. It played all video formats but recently i encountered a problem with h 264 file types. Im confused because even those which played perfectly well earlier do not play now. pls help me out.

  25. I have several Samsung devices (TVs and blueray players) as well as a Sony Bravia LED TV and I also tried about every DLNA server out there. I am using Serviio running on a headless CENTOS 5 box with my windows shares mounted via Samba. I encode most of my ripped dvds as mpeg2 in a .ts container and all of my HD recordings (most are from a hauppaugeg hd-pvr @ 1080i .wtv containers) as H.264 in a .ts container. I do the remux with ViedoRedo TV h.264 and I have also used it to transcode DVDs to H.264 .ts and all play perfectly on all the devices in the house. I don’t have a Samsung A-Series to test with but VRD encoded h.264 .ts files work perfectly with the “out of the box” settings.

  26. When encoding to Samsung TV with H264 codec, please note the maximum number of re-frames supported by Samsung TV is 4. You can use AVIDEMUX to configure the setting to comply with BluRay disk High@3.1 or High@4.1 as supported bu Samsung TV.

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