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I recently created a quartz composer patch which will play a sound file in a Quartz Composer composition. It is very useful for playing a short sound file for a sound cue to an event or a basically any sound you want to include in a composition.

I created this patch for a toddler’s game in which the screen contains a bunch of objects which the toddler removes by moving the mouse over the objects.  As each object is removed a very short sound file is played to give a audio cue that the object has been saved. It is also used in another animation to play a bubbles sound when fish are swimming by. I do offer it for sale along with support for a very reasonable $4.99.  I made a short YouTube video to give some idea of what is does.  It can be found here available here. It can be purchased here


Adding Controls to HUD Windows

Although not intended by apple to have controls, HUD windows can have controls added to them. This is accomplished by any one of the 3 frameworks listed below

  • BWToolkit –
  • BGHUDAppKit –
  • HMBlkAppKit –
  • Objective-C Proper Class init

    Proper Objective-C init for classes.

    - (id)init; { if ((self = [super init]) == nil) return nil;

    [***initialize any necessary code]; return self; }

    Cocoa Recipes updated

    Recently I noticed that one of my favorite books for learning cocoa was updated to it’s second version.  Cocoa Recipes for Mac OS X (2nd Edition) is a hands on approach to teaching cocoa. The orginal Cocoa Receipes was conceived from a web site  from the same author called Vermont Recipes.  This book is one of the best books for driving home some real world learning after finishing Aaron Hillegass book Cocoa(R) Programming for Mac(R) OS X (3rd Edition).  There is nothing better to learning cocoa concepts than actually writing code especially as part of an actual application.

    The entire book takes the reader through development of one complete project. The reader follows along as the author adds new features to the application one chapter at a time.  The author takes the time in each chapter to explain what is happening.   I referenced the Vermont Recipes extensively (before the book came out) when I first picked up cocoa and still find it useful today. The new version is updated to reflect the changes in the recent Snow Leopard OS X release.
    As a side note I should mention that I do not know the author personally or compensated in anyway for writing this post.  Bill Cheeseman is a very active member of the Cocoa community and can be seen on the Apple mailing list.  Also, as of this writing, Amazon’s look inside the index is from the old version.

    SerialChannel channel changing software updated

    Recently I updated my SerialChannel and SerialChannelIR applications for EyeTV and Directv.  These new versions provide several new features as well as bug fixes and performance improvements.  SerialChannel now supports cable boxes in addition to Directv.  It also overs a new ethernet connection options which allows a user to change the channel through an ethernet connection.  The latter option allows the Mac to be located in another room away from the directv box without running wires. To get more info go to