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SerialChannel 2.1

Well, it has been a little while since I worked on this application. SerialChannel is a small application I wrote about 1 and 1/2 years ago. It allows Eyetv users to change the channel on a Directv box. The application makes use of a serial cable that connects from the computer to the box (much the same way mythtv works). SerialChannel up to this point required editing 3 settings in the internal perl script to match the users setup. After many request from users to provide a graphical configuration to SerialChannel, I have done so. SerialChannel 2.1 now provides a configuration preferences window which provides a list of serial devices detected, baud rate, and Directv Box for the user to choose and set. I also decided since I was going this far I may as well give trouble shooting a boost as well by providing feedback of errors in the main window. I initially resisted doing this because I wanted to keep the program as simple as possible. I think it is kind of a waste to have a full blown GUI for configuring especially when this is only done once -set it and forget it. Editing the pearl script was really not hard, but in the end I understand everyone has different skill sets. If you have a look at my website for SerialChannel you will see my lack of skills in designing web pages. So if you use Eyetv and Directv give SerialChannel 2.1 a try. It is available at

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