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Bring desktop control to your WDTV devices with wRemote.

Control your WDTV experience from your Mac desktop with wRemote. There are WDTV remotes for the iPhone and iPad and now for the Mac desktop. Nice clean easy to use iPhone like interface stays out of the way and tucks away on the menu bar.  With 3 interface windows controlling your WDTV could not be simpler.

The main screen has the familiar control of the physical remote as well as some new features.  The channel jump screen allows for quick navigation to a channel.  The keyboard screen makes entering text into your device easy and convenient.  Best of all text can be entered from your physical keyboard when the keyboard screen is open.

Configuring your WDTV is simple. With built in auto discovery easily find your box on your network.


WDTV Live streaming 3rd generation devices built after Oct 2011 and the newest WDTV Play.

Auto Configuration

wRemote automatically finds your device through the Bonjour Service (ZeroConfig) on your mac. This is the same manner as the ios remote. Discovery of your device should work by default . However, discovery is largely dependent on your local network and router configuration. Some routers have the Bonjour (Zeroconfig) service turned off by default or may be incompatible. If your iPhone or iPad WDRemote works then wRemote will work.