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Simple, convenient remote for LG Smart TV's 2012 or later.

Bring Smart TV control to your Mac destop.

  • LRemote - desktopmac8
  • LRemote - desktopmac8
  • LRemote - desktopmac8
  • LRemote - desktopmac8


  • Automatic discovery and configuration of LG Smart TV’s.
  • Channel Jump Screen to navigate to your smart TV apps quickly.
  • Convenient menu bar placement and Large buttons that persist from screen to screen

Automatic Discovery and Configuration

Simply select and go.  LRemote’s smart design automatically discovers LG TV’s on the network and configures the app for you.

Channel Jump Screen

Like our other remotes LRemote goal is to provide functionality to your smart tv without getting in the way.  LRemote’s jump screen contains all you apps. Simply select the channel you want and the TV jumps right to it.

Demo Video