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Simple, beautiful, useful, space efficient Directv remote for your desktop

directRemote brings the simplicity of an iPhone app to the desktop. It's space saving design offers convenience and efficiency for easy interaction with your Directv box.

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Directv app for Mac OS X Desktop

It started with the very first version and continues today. We have always strived to achieve the best user experience possible with maximum functionality. We realized early on that directRemote is an accessory app and is not the most important thing on your desktop nor should it be. directRemote is a self contained, highly functional Mac desktop remote that is respectful of your work space. Configuration and control are all contained in the same space, reducing desktop clutter while providing a comfortable interface to interact with your Directv experience.

Version 3 Includes

  • Automatic discovery and configuration of Directv boxes.
  • Support for Genie clients.
  • Detachable window.
  • Large buttons and a dedicated navigation screen for video.

Automatic Discovery and Configuration

Simply select and go.  directRemote’s smart design automatically discovers Directv boxes on the network and configures the app for you.    It continues to support manual entry for those who’s network has the upnp port turned off.

For the Directv box, enusre that the box is connected and cofigured for your home network and enable the service  by navigating to the “External Device” settings screen (Menu->System Setup->Whole-Home->External Device) screen. Once on this screen select “Allow” for “External Access”.

Support for Genie clients

Have the new Directv Genie with multiple clients?  directRemote handles that as well through automatic discovery.

Detachable Window

Put simplicity where you want it.  directRemote’s goal has always been to provide functionality without getting in the way.  With Version 3, we gave the user the ability to decide where on the screen they wanted the remote to be.  Now it can be attached to the menu bar and act as a menubar app or detached to act as a window -placed anywhere on the screen and persist among desktops.    Switching back to the menu bar could not be easier, a quick and easy reattach button allows the window to be placed back on the menu bar.

Large buttons and a Dedicated Navigation Screen for Video

Simply beautiful.  Large responsive buttons now adorn the remote interface .  Easy to see and navigation buttons add to the convenience of directRemote.  We also created a separate slide in window for handling video playback.  The media screen contains large navigation buttons dedicated to video play.

Demo Video