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Mac app to control Samsung Smart TV.

Beautiful, easy, conveinent control of Samsung Smart TV.

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SamRemote allows you to control your Samsung smart TV 2011 thru 2013  from the comfort and ease of your desktop. It’s all in one interface conveniently drops down from the menubar for easy access to the controls you use most. SamRemote’s smart design means that your TV is automatically detected, configured and ready to use. It’s detachable interface freely moves anywhere on the screen and persist as you move from desktop to desktop. SamRemote provides a space efficient work space that does not interfere with your desktop work.  Additional controls and configuration are accessed through pull down and flipped windows.

Please note that 2014 models (H series) are not currently compatable with this version of SamRemote.
Features Include:
— Menubar placement
— AutoDetection and Configuration
— Detachable interface
— Self contained interface for maximum work space.
— Keypad for channel entry.

Demo Video